Buenos Aires Pools. The number one trustery lottery in argentina.


As we pursue to have the best in the entire argentina we try to give our best to the satisfaction of our customers. We are the number one in terms of customer satisfaction, fast replies and good customer handling. 

The history of game development in Argentina has suffered ups and downs in the past 20 years, and it has been shaped by the economic crisis of 2001 and a perpetually changing political landscape. Argentina has a great deal of casinos distributed all throughout the country and their modern halls let visitors enjoy games of chance such as roulette, slot machines, Black Jack, baccarat, dice, and at the same time enjoy the live shows presented there every night. Famous artists and singers are part of the steady performers who cheer up the evenings. First class bars and restaurants serve exquisite drinks and unique dishes prepared by the most prestigious chefs in each city. Exhibitions and shows also contribute color and culture to this kind of venues. Ever since their creation, casinos have generated a certain mystique in the cities where they are located, even succeeding in enhancing and providing a special hue to the area. This is evident in the four cardinal points in Argentina. According to popular beliefs, a casino is one of the few sites where it is possible to enter as a poor person and to become rich overnight, just because chance has favored us or because we have been extremely lucky. And beyond the fact that this yearning has many times been fulfilled, casinos have become adapted to modern times and have successfully refurbished their facilities in a harmonious fashion without losing the atmosphere visitors immediately recognize when they cross their doors. But when we started our small company we visualize the most stable, secure, responsible lottery pool. As we are located at the largest city of Argentina we still see to it that we provide safe and trusted betting to counter illegal gambling.

“It is necessary to recognize the existence of gambling and to place it on a legal footing so that those who by nature are inclined towards betting can do so without breaking the law. At the same time, part of the amounts paid as stake moneys can be utilized for the benefit of the citizens”